Herbs to Help Diabetes

Millions of people suffer from diabetes in this country. Several thousand don't even know they have the disease.
People can control Type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise and herbs. It is important to follow a good diet recommended by your doctor or nutritionist. Following a proper diet, exercising 30 minutes a day, can help keep your blood sugar levels in check.
If you need some added help in controlling blood sugar levels, there are certain herbs and supplements that can help.
Gymnema(Gymnema sylvestre) is also known as Gurmar.
Gymnema has been used in India as an herb for diabetes for 2000 years. Gymnema helps the pancreas to produce Insulin in Type 2 diabetes. It also improves the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar in both Type I and Type 2 diabetes. It decreases cravings for sweet.
Chromium (picolinate)
With biotin’s help, chromium helps insulin work better, keeps the pancreas working well, and lowers blood sugar levels.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps get sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells. Helps keep diabetics blood vessels and kidneys healthy.
Vitamin B
With the B vitamins, vitamin E will help keep the pancreas healthy and helps prevent nerve damage. Vitamin B can help prevent kidney damage, blindness, and heart attacks. Added to vitamin C, Vitamin B helps keep blood vessels healthy.
Other herbs and suppliments like cinnamon, zinc, biotin, banaba, huckleberry and bitter melon also help control diabetes and blood sugar levels.

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