The Essential Herbal...Comfrey

To continue our discussion on the essential herbal ingredients in a natural first aid kit, we will tell you about Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

(Symphytum offincinale)

Comfrey is also known as Knitbone. It is native to Europe, but now grows in all temperate regions of the world. It thrives in moist and marshy soils.
Comfrey's ability to promote healing of broken bones, fractures, bruising, and sprains has been known for thousands of years. It encourages ligaments and bones to "knit" together, which is why it is sometime referred to as Knitbone.
A comfrey compress applied immediately to the a sprained ankle can reduce the severity of the injury
Comfrey oil can be used succesfully to treat acne and boils. The astringent action helps to heal the acne naturally. It's mucilage content makes it a wonderful treatment for scrapes and wounds. Make sure never to use comfrey on a dirty wound. Rapid healing can trap dirt inside and cause infection.
Comfrey helps to repair damaged tissue. The herb has powerful anti-inflammatory action due to the rosmariinic acid content.
Comfrey can be toxic if taken orally. You should not take it internally

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