Natural Products Are NOT Created Equal

We here at Cloverleaf Farm are proud to formulate genuinely pure, 100 % all natural and organic products.

There are however, other companies out there that are claiming to be all natural, and aren't.
I have bumped into many sites that use fragrance oils, which always get's my goat. Fragrance oils are not natural. They are chemically produced in a lab. There is no such thing as strawberry or lilac essential oil. If you find those in a natural product, then the product isn't truly natural.

I happen to come across a site today, that was suppose to be selling a 100 % all natural acne cream. I was reading down through the list of ingredients, and at the bottom they had Vaseline. I was horrified! They actually use Vaseline as the base for their acne cream. Does this company actually believe that because crude oil comes from the Earth, that Vaseline is all natural? Vaseline is petroleum. Petroleum does not occur in nature! It is manufactured from crude oil! Do you really want to put that on your skin? Petroleum is not healthy for your skin.

It also erks me when people put the ingredients in their botanical, Latin name. I happen to know them, but the average Joe does not. To me, why make it look like the ingredients are something more mysterious than they really are. Example; the herbs apis cera, calendula officinalis, passiflora incarnarta, rosa damascena. Those are the Latin names for beeswax, calendula, passion flower, and rose. Why not just use the common names along with the Latin names, so people understand what they are putting on their skin.

When you buy from Cloverleaf Farm, you can be assured that all our products are 100% natural and organic.

We don't hide behind Latin,botanical names; we publish all ingredients in English.

We use only 100% pure organic essential oils to scent our fragrance oils ever.

We are proud to be pure.

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