Herbal Remedies for Stress Reduction

Stress. We all have it. Stress is part of our daily lives.
When stress becomes too much to handle, don't visit the doctor, reach for herbal remedies.
They are safe and non toxic to your body unlike most stress reducing medication.
We will talk about 3 of the herbal remedies for stress here.
#1. Chamomile. Almost everyone knows the powers of chamomile. It is soothing to the soul.Used usually in tea form. Drink 3- 5 cups daily. Chamomile can also be used in tincture form. If using a tincture, the dosage is usually 6-10 drops 3 x a day.
#2. Lemon Balm. Lemon balm has been used for years for stress and anxiety. It is calming and soothing. Lemon balm is also drank as a tea, or taken as a tincture. Same dosage as chamomile. If you have thyroid disease, you should not use lemon balm. This is especially if you are taking thyroid medication. It interferes with the absorbtion of your medication.
#3. Lavender. Lavender is usually used as an essential oil in perfumes, creams and other body care products. Did you know you can actually drink it as well? It makes a beautiful, flowery tasting tea. Add a touch of honey to sweeten. During the summer months, we drink Lavender Lemonade all the time. Not so much for it's calming properties, but just because it tastes good.
It turns a lovely purple color.
Stress doesn't have to get you down. You don't have to let it take over your life. Take control of stress with natural ways. Take control with herbs.

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