Herb of the Month

Ah, May 1. Warm weather is here, and it will soon be summer.
I thought this was the perfect time to start an herb of the month series again.
This month's herb is Borage.
Borage is a common Mediterranean weed thought to have originated from southern Spain and Morocco. A hairy annual or perennial growing to between two and three feet in height producing a pulpy stem, large basal leaves, and bluish-lavender, star-shaped flowers, it is now cultivated worldwide mainly for its seed oil. Borage flowers have a slight cucumber taste, and are a great additive to salads.
Borage is helpful in the garden as well. Planting borage between tomato plants help keep down the dreaded horned worm, otherwise known as the tomato worm. By interplanting, also known as companion planting, you can help keep the bad bugs at bay.
For more information on Borage please visit Borage Information.

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