Natural Herbal Healing

Herbal healing has been common practice for civilizations for thousands of years.
Herbs have been used to cure everything from acne to whooping cough.
In fact about 80 % of all allopathic medicines are derived from plants. In the United States, you are not allowed to patent an herb, so they create a synthetic version so they can market it. The only problem there is that the synthetic creation usually creates major side effects.
Most herbal remedies do not have side effects. This is due to the fact that the herb is working in balance with your body to heal, rather that just covering up the symptom. For example; you have a cold. Most people reach for the cough medicine. The cough medicine only pushes the symptoms back into your body. The virus that causes the cold is still there.
If using herbs to help your body fight the cold, the herbs will boost your immune system and help your body heal it rather than just pushing it back down. Herbs heal from the inside out.
Herbal healing and natural healing has become more prominent as people are now more aware of the dangers of allopathic medicine.

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