Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular vegetable carrier oils used in skin care, massage and aromatherapy. It has a very light, nutty scent. It’s color is a beautiful translucent yellow.

Almond oil is an fantastic natural emollient and moisturizer. As an emollient it nourishes and softens the skin helping to keep it smooth. Almond oil has a similar compound to the oil that babies release to keep their skin soft and their hair healthy. Sweet almond oil protects and conditions your skin. It helps your skin stay healthy and promotes a beautiful youthful complexion.

Sweet almond oil is suitable for all skin types. It is used because it improves the complexion and is a deep moisturizer. Almond oil aides the skin in keeping the proper balance of moisture in the skin which is critical when treating dry, itchy, or inflamed skin.

The oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and Vitamin D. Two vitamins that are key to good skin health. It is a wonderful antioxidant oil for all skin needs.

Sweet Almond oil application can provide instant relief for muscle pain. It is used in many massage therapy oils for this reason.

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