Healing Naturally...Herbs for Systemic Yeast

I still remember the day I went into to talk to my doctor about systemic yeast.
Out of 85 symptoms for systemic yeast, I had 62. He sat down and told me that there was no such condition. He began to explain that there was yeast everywhere. I sighed. I knew better. Most doctors do not admit to there being such a condition as systemic yeast. It is few and far between when you can actually get an allopathic doctor to admit to such a condition.

Yes, I know there is yeast everywhere. Yeast is not always a bad thing. You need yeast in your body, but it is when it grows out of control that is the problem. It can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Fatigue, body aches, itchy ears, itchy eyes, joint pain, neck pain, back pain and more. For a complete list please click here.
Now, if you have any of the symptoms listed, and want to try a natural way of ridding the body of yeast there are ways you can do it.

To follow a Candida diet, you have to change what you eat. Yeast feeds on sugar. You have to eliminate sugar from your diet. To follow a Candida diet, you also need to avoid yeast containing food such as beer, wine, breads, vinegar or foods containing vinegar such as mayonnaise, peanuts and pickles. You will have to avoid mold containing food such as tempeh, soy sauce or mushroom.
For a complete list click here.
Secondly, would be to add beneficial supplements to your diet, such as probiotics. Probiotics boost the population of beneficial bacteria and friendly yeast in the digestive tract. Eating yogurt can help, or you can buy lactobacillus or acidophilus capsules. Vitamins and minerals can be important for essential healing. Vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients are often lacking in people with a systemic yeast condition.
Last, but not least, there are antifungal herbs to support your fight against systemic yeast. Natural antifungal and antimicrobial herbs include Oregon grape, Goldenseal, Calendula, Thyme, Oregano and others.
I knew I had t do something to feel better, so I formulated a tea that has worked really well for me. It has helped keep my yeast at bay. If you would like to order some of my special herbal blend of Antifungal Tea please visit cloverleafherbfarm.com. Click on the herbal tea link.

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