Holy Basil Batman

As a medical herbalist, I am always looking for herbal healing news and research about herbs. It is important for my business to keep up to date on what is new and exciting out there in the world of herbs. The other day someone asked me about the benefits of Holy Basil on stress. I wasn't too sure, so I did a little research.
Holy Basil (Ocium sanctum) has been getting a lot of press lately due to the wonderful healing attributes it has.
Holy Basil is native to India, where it is known as Tulsai or sometimes called Tulsi. In Sanskrit, Tulsai means "the incomparable one". Tulsai has been used for thousands of years in India as a prime herb for Ayurvedic medicine.
Tulasi’s extracts are used in Ayurvedic remedies for such illnesses as the common cold, headaches, digestive disorders, inflammation, and heart disease. It is also being studied for the combat of stress. Read more here.
In India Tulsai is usually taken in the form of an herbal tea, dried powder, or they use the freash leaf.
Holy Basil is a religiously revered plant in India. Read more about the holy aspect of holy basil here.
Research done on Holy Basil has shown it to have adaptogenic properties, which means it helps the body with stress. If you chew a few Holy Basil leaves a couple times a day, it has been known to reduce stress. It also purifies the blood, and helps eliminate several common ailments.
Holy Basil (Ocium sanctum) should be put on the essential herbal list of herbs to have in your medicine cabinet.

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