Leap Into Good Health

It's a New Year.
It's a Leap Year.
It's the year you are going to take control.
You resolutions might be to eat healthy, lose weight or maybe stop smoking or be less stressed.

Aromatherapy and herbs can help you achieve your goals.
There is no magic pill to help you stop smoking, but aromatherapy can help reduce the stress that comes along with quitting. Aromatherapy has been used successfully in reducing the anxiety and stress of nicotine cravings. Organic herbal teas will help to cleanse the body of the chemical toxins from the nicotine.

Losing weight will be a boost for your body. Extra weight literally weighs you down. It puts stress on you joints and is not good for the heart. The best way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy eating regimen. Dieting can work, but once you are off the diet, chances are you will regain the weight. Ditch the salt shaker. Instead use organic spices and organic herbal blends in your cooking instead of salt. This will give your food a delicious taste, and you won't even notice the missing salt.

To be less stressed, you have to take the stress out of your life. Too much on you plate? Then take some off and take some time for you. Visit with friends. Bake some low-fat cookies. Take a long hot bath, and relax for 10 minutes. It may sound funny, but a 10 minute bath can reduce a days worth of tension.

Be happy, be healthy in the new year.

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