Essential Oil Safety...Chapter Six

The following is a list of Essential Oils that Cloverleaf Farm does not use.

Oil and Reason:
Rue -Risk of toxicity
Tansy -Risk of Toxicity
Pennyroyal -Toxicity Risk
Sassafras -Toxicity Risk
Clove (other than Bud) -Toxicity Risk
Sweet Birch -Toxicity Risk/Extreme Environmental Hazard

Some of the above oils are very toxic. If applied to the skin, they can be absorbed into the human system to levels sufficient for poisoning or death depending on how much is used.
Cloverleaf Farm wishes to bring your attention to this information so you may carefully consider your product choices.

Please understand that the warnings in this article are not complete. These warnings are provided for general information only. We write this so you can expand your own personal knowledge of the products you are currently using, or are considering for personal use. Please choose your all natural products carefully, as they are not all created equal. Not all natural products are properly researched.

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