Herbal Medicine

Alternative healing is becoming more popular every year as people look towards more natural approaches to health and living.

However, herbs were used many thousands of years before medicine, as we know it today came into existence. The properties they were used for 5000 years ago are as valid today as they were then.

Herbal medicine is of course natural to your body, and has far fewer side effects. They also have far fewer interactions with other herbs, medications and supplements then most doctors and others would have you believe.
When used properly, herbal medicine can cure and treat everything from anxiety to whooping cough.

It was once said that God gives us in nature exactly what we need to heal ourselves. It is up to us to use this knowledge wisely.

Herbs may be natural, but that does not mean they are not powerful medicine. They should be treated with care and respect the way you would any drug. Furthermore with herbs, more does not necessarily mean better. Herbs can take longer to act on an illness, but that does not mean they are not working. By taking more, it can endanger your health instead of repairing it.

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