Herbal Creams

Herbal creams are not all created equal. While surfing on the net, you will often come across sites that are selling herbal creams that frankly aren't herbal creams at all. They are just softened ointments. Just because an ointment or a salve is "creamy", does not make it a cream. Technically, these would just be creamy salves.

To be a true herbal cream, there has to be water adde in the mix. No water=no cream. Herbal creams are typically made using infused herbal oils. Beeswax, cocoa butter, and other emulsifying solids are added. Many times aloe is added for it's healing benefits.

Once they are melted as one mix, either water, herbal extracts, or herbal hydrosols or all three are added to the concoction. It is a tricky science to get the oils and water to mix into a cream. It takes time, and patience.

Other additives to a natural cream would be 100% pure essential oils. Essential oils are the life essence of the plant. It is was gives the plant it's scent. Most essential oils are steam distilled.

The difference between a cream and an ointment, is not only in how it is made, but how it will be used. What are you using this for?

A cream is allows your skin to heal while still "breathing. Herbal creams helps the skin retain it's own moisture. It also adds moisture and heals skin. One would use an herbal cream for minor burns, acne, blemishes, or rashes that need to heal, but also need some air.

An ointment or salve is made to act as a barrier to keep moisture in, and toxins out. As in diaper rash ointments. Herbal ointments are made specifically for outside moisture protection. Keeps the moisture out, while skin heals.

When shopping for herbal creams, make sure water, or herbal infusions are part of the ingredients. Otherwise, you are truly not getting an herbal cream.

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